Accident and
Road Safety

Fundación MAPFRE started developing activities in Malta in 2012 , one of the first activities was an awareness campaign promoting road safety to school children through the successful “Street Smart Campaign” to pupils aged 11 to 13 years old, since then there were a number of other activities in the fields of Accident Prevention and Road Safety, Insurance and Social Protection, Culture, Social Action and Health Promotion.

The main objective of this campaign is to create awareness about road safety, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, drivers or passengers, because every person using the road plays an important role on it.

Following the success of the Street smart campaigns in schools, Fundación MAPFRE partnered with Malta Public Transport (MPT) to deliver informative presentations on the importance of road safety. As part of this campaign, children had the opportunity to go on a bus ride to an area where a team of actors and a driver of MPT provided sessions in a dynamic and comical way explaining road safety measures, such as the correct way to cross the road and get familiar with various road traffic signs.

Since COVID-19 pandemic hit, Fundación MAPFRE had to reinvent the way they were carrying out this project, and in 2021, through a collaboration agreement between Malta Public Transport, The Ministry of Education and Malta´s Road Safety Council the project was introduced in all schools via interactive videos on road safety using real-life situations.

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Fundación MAPFRE launches fourth edition of campaign “ Street Smart” to encourage road safety

Fundación MAPFRE launches fourth edition of campaign “ Street Smart” to encourage road safety

Fundación MAPFRE, represented in Malta by MAPFRE Middlesea plc and MAPFRE MSV Life plc, has launched its 4th edition of the popular theatre in education project “Street Smart”. The project will continue to address students on the pressing issue of transport safety through a variety of fun and creative sketch shows that offer a high level of interaction with their audiences.