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Street Smart TV launched at Rabat school

Street Smart TV launched at Rabat school

The Street Smart TV was officially launched by Director General  Ms Maria McNamara at Saint Nicholas Middle School in Rabat.  Ms Maria Abdilla, Head of School invited all students from Form 1 to watch one of the episodes of the fun TV programme.

Mr Felipe Navarro, CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea, who was representing Fundacion MAPFRE explained that Street Smart TV is another educational project by Fundacion MAPFRE. In fact, Street Smart TV is an extension of Street Smart School Campaign, a project which has been running for two years and that took 3 comedy actors to virtually every secondary school auditorium on the island to elucidate matters of road safety to students between the ages of 10 and 16. Ms Maria McNamara during her address asked students to be very careful on the streets and to be “street smart” paying particular attention when crossing the  road and avoiding being distracted by use of mobile phones.

Street Smart TV is a fun, easily accessible television program comprising of 12 parts. Each episode, hosted by the funny and charming Sally and Jazz discusses one of several topics covered by the project including crossing the road safely, running safely in the streets, road signs and safety belts.
The program was also aired in its entirety on One TV. Fundacion MAPFRE are now looking forward to making this excellent educational resource freely available for all educators via a dedicated Youtube channel. The episodes may then be presented to the classroom using interactive whiteboards.
The project is a collaboration between Fundacion MAPFRE, JP Advertising and Generation Green. The series was written and directed by Jon Mallia, co-directed and edited by Andrew Randon for Randon Films and produced by Matthew Randon.

The Director of elearning, Mr Emanuel Zammit and School Principal Ms Josephine Mifsud were also present during the event.

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