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MAPFRE Middlesea


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MAPFRE Middlesea

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Travel Insurance COVID-19 Cover

Our travel policy allows you to travel with peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you have the best level of protection.



Workplace Pensions Scheme

MAPFRE MSV Life offers a choice of retirement solutions’ to both individuals and employers. All our solutions are flexible and can be individually tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and employers.


Guaranteed1 Capital & Income Plan GBP 2027

The MMSV Guaranteed Capital & Income Plan GBP 2027 is designed to pay three payments as follows: 3.25% of the amount invested payable on 28th March 2025; 3.75% of the amount invested payable on 28th March 2026 and 4.10% of the amount invested payable on 25th March 2027. The Plan also guarantees 100% of the initial contribution to be paid at maturity and has an annualised return of 3.70%.


Guaranteed1 Capital & Income Plan 2026 III

The MMSV Guaranteed Capital & Income Plan 2026 III is designed to pay two guaranteed payments as follows: 2% of the amount invested payable on 28th March 2025 and 3.5% of the amount invested payable on 27h March 2026. The Plan also guarantees 100% of the initial contribution to be paid at maturity and has an annualised return of 2.74%.

MAPFRE in Malta operates under  MAPFRE Middlesea Group , the largest insurance group in Malta, holding leadership positions in both the life and non-life market.  MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c  is  the leading life assurance company in Malta offering life assurance protection, savings, investment and retirement plans. MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c , is both a direct operating company and the holding company of MAPFRE Middlesea Group. MAPFRE Middlesea plc’s general business operations comprise all the non-life classes of business underwritten in Malta including Motor, Home, Health, Marine, and General Liability and its long term business includes the provision of Group Life protection to its corporate customers.

We believe that strong ethical values are fundamental to our business and form the foundation of our corporate culture.  Innovation and customer focus are core to our business philosophy.

We want customers to choose us because they are convinced that we meet their needs effectively and efficiently, because they trust us in providing them with added value and with an excellent customer experience.

Playing Our Part
We know that a little effort every day makes a big difference. At MAPFRE Group, we protect people and the environment today to ensure the future tomorrow. The MAPFRE Sustainability Plan allows us to make progress in our social commitment and strengthen the relationship with employees and stakeholders. The overall objective is to improve our company’s performance and show that MAPFRE Group will always be your trusted global insurance company.