Shareholder’s Area

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Notice to Shareholders
Shareholder's Discounts

As a Shareholder you are entitled to a discount of 15% off the Net Policy Premium of the following products:

  • Motor Insurance (excluding Motorcycles, Fleet and Hire & Reward Policies).
  • Home, Commercial Home and Condominium Insurance (excluding membership of existing Schemes).
  • Travel Insurance (excluding membership of existing Schemes).
  • Personal Accident Insurance (excluding Groups).
  • Health Insurance (excluding Groups).
  • Boat Insurance.

Where policies are issued in the name of a commercial entity, shareholders must prove beneficial ownership of at least 51% of the entity. Where applicable, the Shareholders’ Discount is allowed in lieu of a Staff Discount and a Home & Motor Discount. MAPFRE Middlesea’s standard underwriting criteria applies to all policies including the application of minimum policy premiums.