Vision, Mission and Values

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To be the most trusted global insurance company.

We intend to continue developing innovative solutions that safeguard people, with products to protect their property and savings, and that secure their future. Our aim is to provide close support to clients whenever and wherever they need us, across all five continents.

We are a multinational team that strives tirelessly to improve our services and ensure the best possible relationships with our clients, distributors, providers, shareholders and society in general.

This is what we do: we are people who look after people.

  • Solvency
    Solvency is understood to mean financial strength and sustainable results over time, rendering us fully capable of meeting all obligations with stakeholders.
  • Integrity
    All MAPFRE directors, employees, agents and partners are required to conduct themselves on an ethical basis at all times, taking a socially responsible approach to all activities and long-term commitments.
  • Vocation for service
    We constantly strive to excel in all of our activities. Our initiative is permanently centered on ensuring the best possible relationships with clients.
  • Innovation for leadership
    We identify differentiation as a key requirement to drive constant grow and improvement, putting technology at the service of our business and objectives.
  • Committed team
    All employees, senior executives, agents and other partners are entirely dedicated to the MAPFRE project, and constant development of team skills and abilities.

These values shape our operations and guide us as we work toward achieving our VISION and delivering on our MISSION.