Strategic Objectives 2022 – 2024

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The world is in constant transformation, and we want to be a leading part. We have designed a new Strategic Plan for the 2022-2024 triennium. A plan that also has a new philosophical framework. We have adapted our business vision to better fit the reality of the company that we now present.

The current complexity of the world and of the insurance activity, makes us have to have profitable and quality products and services for our clients. We reinforce what is fundamental, which is what we are, the trusted insurer for our clients and other stakeholders. 

Our values ​​serve as a guide for everything we do, they have been throughout our history the hallmark of our group.

  • Our solvency , both from a financial and resource point of view, to be able to respond to all our commitments and strategies.
  • The integrity . Basing business relationships on fairness and transparency, and zero tolerance for any practice that is not compatible with full respect for human rights, equality and effective inclusion.
  • The vocation to offer an excellent service guides all our activities to satisfy the expectations of our clients.
  • Innovation is the lever that we constantly use to differentiate ourselves and it helps us to develop the most appropriate solutions.

Our purpose is to be by your side, accompanying you so that you can move forward with peace of mind, contributing to the development of a more sustainable and supportive society. In short, at MAPFRE we take care of what matters to you.

The pillars on which the new 2022-2024 strategic plan is based are: disciplined, sustainable, balanced and profitable growth; improvement of internal efficiency and faster momentum of the transformation under way.

MAPFRE Chairman and CEO Antonio Huertas revealed the company’s new Strategic Plan 2022-2024, under the motto “We’re ready. Our time is now!”

The pillars underpinning this new three-year strategy include disciplined, sustainable, balanced and profitable growth; improvements in internal efficiency and an acceleration of the transformation already underway.

The direction in which the Group aims to move in the next three years foresees maintaining the company’s solvency ratio at a level of 200 percent, with a margin of tolerance of approximately 25 percentage points, a payout ratio of more than 50 percent and a debt ratio of 23 to 25 percent. The plan also includes eliminating the adjusted gender pay gap by the end of the three-year period and at least 90 percent of the investment portfolio rated in line with ESG criteria.

Additionally, the company’s purpose was incorporated into this strategic plan, under the motto, “MAPFRE: We care about what matters to you.” “Our purpose is to be by everyone’s side, accompanying people and institutions so we can take assured steps forward together, helping at the same time to build a more sustainable and caring society,” Antonio Huertas emphasized.

The Sustainability Plan that will accompany the business strategy for the next three years was also presented to the Annual General Meeting. This plan establishes the following objectives for the period: to extend by 2024 the carbon neutrality already achieved in Spain and Portugal to the main MAPFRE countries around the world, achieving global neutrality by 2030, to continue with inclusive labor policies so that people with disabilities make up at least 3.5 percent of the company’s workforce, to

grant sustainability approval to all preferred providers in homeowners, automobile, health and procurement in MAPFRE’s main markets and to refrain from investing in coal, gas and oil companies that are not committed to an energy transition plan that limits global warming to around 1.5⁰C.

MAPFRE approaches sustainability commitments as a transversal part of its business. Compliance with these targets will therefore be included as part of the variable remuneration of the Group’s 250 top managers worldwide.


      Clients have always been the focal point of our efforts each and every day. Our goal in this three-year period is to generate profound insight into our clients, and to transform our processes and offering in order to address their current and future needs, as well as enhancing the client experience in all markets, and with all products.


      The objective is to improve our capacity to interact with clients, with simpler procedures that empower clients to manage their own products. We will optimize tools in order to provide more services, enhance quality and generate greater value for clients.


      MAPFRE is aiming to bolster those areas that have traditionally formed the basis of its insurance activities. To achieve this we will optimize each product, improving services to ensure that we are more competitive and deliver on performance and profitability targets.


    A culture of hard work, productivity and efficiency has always been a hallmark of MAPFRE. We will introduce new policies to nurture talent, leadership and teamwork, and to capitalize on the full potential of our personnel in strategic areas.