president endorses fundacion mapfre initiatives

President endorses Fundación MAPFRE initiatives

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca hosted a performance of “Street Smart” for 75 children from St Ignatius School at San Anton Gardens. The performance is an initiative of Fundación MAPFRE to promote road safety to school children through the successful “Street Smart Campaign” which was launched last year to pupils aged 11 to 13 years and this year reached more than 4,000 students, this time in Form 3 and 4 from a number of schools across Malta and Gozo.

Through this campaign Road safety education is delivered to students in a fun way through a series of comical sketches, all thematically related to road safety by animation group, Generation Green, who have become renowned for their campaigns which also include the Healthy Living campaign Caqlaq. The sketches are centred on safety whilst driving cars and motorised bikes. The scripts get students to learn and understand the importance of crucial road signs, and wearing of proper safety clothing, amongst other things. The sketches include a lot of audience participation, who are asked to point out road safety mistakes. Students are also given a reading book related to roadside education.

Mr Martin Galea, Chairman of MAPFRE Middlesea said: “Road Safety is an important concern for MAPFRE Middlesea . We want people to be safe whilst on the road. Educating young people on the rules of road safety has to be something continuous as this is the only way to avoid fatalities.”

President Coleiro Preca said: “We believe that educating the younger generation (and tomorrow’s drivers) and making them aware of their responsibilities to others whilst on the road will also enable us to spread the message to the entire family.” She thanked Mr Fernando Camarero Rodriguez , who was representing Fundación MAPFRE during this event, for this initiative and for the fact that youths are taught in an interactive and fun learning environment, something which they will surely remember.

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca recently also visited one of the performances of the Healthy Living Campaign “Caqlaq” which was held at the Siggiewi Primary School. She was accompanied by Alfredo Munoz, President and CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea, the coordinators of this campaign, also sponsored by Fundación MAPFRE.

The aim of this campaign is to highlight the importance of having a healthy lifestyle by following a balanced diet and doing physical activity by making children aware of the risks of not taking care of their body.

The Institute of Prevention, Health and Environment within Fundación MAPFRE embarked on this nationwide campaign two years ago and more than 11,000 children have already attended one of the fun workshops organised in schools.

President Coleiro Preca expressed her gratitude towards Fundación MAPFRE for supporting these initiatives and said she looks forward to developing it further in the future.

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