CEO Blog – The Implications on Psycho-emotional Health during Challenging Times

Suddenly, matters concerning our health along with education, economic stability and administering the appropriate level of care towards both our children and elderly has become even more important. It’s safe to say that the emotional burden arising from these difficult times has taken its toll on many families around the world.

However, everyone is different, and each one of us has experienced the implications of the pandemic differently, whether it be due to our personality traits or age group.. Taking a look at children, for instance. Even though their worries differ to those of teenagers or adults, the reality is that their lives have also changed rather drastically, especially in terms of their social environments and the ways in which they can interact with one another.

As for the elderly, they have unfortunately borne the brunt of this situation due to the severe health hazards which the viruses poses towards them specifically. Their situation was further aggravated by the inevitable loneliness which could be felt as a result of the restrictive measures and its consequential isolation.

Lastly, we must consider the middle-aged population who have become overwhelmed by the many concerns pertaining to their children and the elderly, in addition to their own. This age group is suffering from problems such as demotivation, apathy, fear and anxiety.

At MAPFRE, we are always working towards improving our employees’ wellbeing by providing them with flexible working conditions along with a variety of benefits. We have shown our employees that we are able to adapt to the most challenging of situations whilst doing our utmost to support them wherever we can. In addition, MAPFRE Malta has performed very well in ensuring business continuity during the pandemic, and we are very fortunate to have been able to achieve our organizational objectives despite the current circumstances. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that, together, we will emerge from this pandemic stronger and more emotionally resilient than ever before.