CEO BLOG – MAPFRE’s Brand Strength and Value

Undoubtedly, one cannot undermine the importance of a company’s brand strength and value. MAPFRE continues to demonstrate outstanding performance in both regards. A brand can keep its strength high by managing to build positive customer perception, by getting its customers to share the values of the company and getting them to associate it with the best quality on the market. When a brand is strong, that means that it is a well-recognized brand with quite a lot of influence. These are features that make people rely on the brand, what is translated in higher revenues for the company. Brand Finance’s study on top 100 world insurance companies says that MAPFRE’s brand strength has increased up to 81.1 points out of 100 being the second insurance company with the highest brand strength in the world.

According to Brand Finance’s ranking, MAPFRE’s brand value is on the 41st position among world insurance companies. Its brand value amounts 3.1 billion euros and the company holds the first position in the Spanish insurance market.

At MAPFRE, we work hard to keep our brand strong and increase the value of our company. This is the responsibility of all of us and we work together towards the best performance of the company. MAPFRE has been ranked 7th in the LinkedIn Top Companies 2021 list in Spain. Being part of the LinkedIn Top Companies and included by Forbes in its prestigious multisectorial ranking of the best 50 companies to work in Spain.

MAPFRE continues to pave its way as a company that attracts a wide pool of talent and is helmed by some of the best professionals within its respective industry. Needless to say, all of MAPFRE’s employees are responsible for the company’s current success and performance, and it is for these reasons that the company continues prosper in the insurance industry.