Insurance sees digitalisation accelerated due to pandemic

Due to a number of changes arising from the pandemic, we’ve had to tweak the way we do things along the way. Similarly to individuals, companies have had to modify the way they perform some of their tasks or deliver their services. At MAPFRE, we have seen how the rhythm of digitalisation has been accelerated, especially within the insurance sector. However, clear improvements can been seen in the digitalisation of professional mediation amongst insurance distributors. In this regard, I refer to the relationship between insurers and mediators as well as the link between mediators and clients. Furthermore, there are new opportunities in the healthcare field arising from the concept of telemedicine. For instance, at MAPFRE Middlesea we offer MediPhone services to all clients who have taken up a health policy with us, which allows them to seek immediate medical advice from the comfort of their own space.

What is rather interesting and worth noting is that technology has become the perfect tool for the insurance sector to improve accessibility to all citizens, enhance its services for all clients and increase efficiency as a company, while ensuring that we always remain at the forefront of technological advancements. At MAPFRE, we opt for digitalisation and its countless benefits, for with digitalisation, the opportunities are limitless.