CEO BLOG – MAPFRE working towards increased diversity and equality

Change management and the ability to anticipate and adapt to new circumstances are two areas where MAPFRE stood out during last few years.

Events arising from the pandemic had clearly shown that MAPFRE was well prepared to face these new challenges in light of the company’s sound contingency planning. MAPFRE’s contingency plan, developed prior to COVID-19, was aimed to ensure that both the company’s employees and clients’ health was safeguarded. Moreover, business continuity and playing a role in helping society in case of any critical circumstances were also of the utmost importance. Once the unprecedented implications of the pandemic struck, MAPFRE’s contingency plan was deployed in a very coordinated manner, on both a local and global level.

Now, we can truly understand the importance of MAPFRE’s leaders working together towards digitalization and more flexibility. They were required to perform key roles during times whereby swift adaptation was the only viable option. These are all leaders who share MAPFRE’s values of collaboration, innovation, facilitation, respect and communication.

Additionally, MAPFRE also stood out for the progress made towards reinforcing equality. As of 2020, 46% of managerial positions in the company were occupied by women. As a company, we are becoming increasingly closer to breaking the “glass ceiling”, however there is still much work to be done. There are three aspects to which we must pay special attention towards, both as a company and as individuals. First, it is imperative that women have access to jobs that, up until now, have always been filled by men. Secondly, we need to increase flexibility in order to improve reconciliation between our personal and professional lives. Finally, there is a need for education and raising awareness on equality, respect and joint responsibility.

At MAPFRE, we are committed to reinforcing equality and diversity. We work every day towards achieving a more diverse work environment and a better world.