CEO Blog – MAPFRE, a company committed to the environment

Climate Summit, an event organised by Joe Biden and preceding to the upcoming COP26 in November, brought to light several environmental issues being faced by countries all over the world.

The main aim of this Summit was to further progress in the reduction of emissions so that we may continue our fight against climate change. Even though the Summit reached several conclusions, and despite the fact that we are seemingly going in the right direction, current measures still remain insufficient. It is imperative that countries become more ambitious in their action plans against climate change.

At MAPFRE, we share the same objectives with both the Climate Summit and COP26. The reduction of emissions, decarbonisation, and the implementation of a circular economy are some of MAPFRE’s primarily initiatives towards global sustainability.

MAPFRE’s Sustainability Plan for 2019 to 2021 outlines the Company’s objectives to protect the environment and slow down the effects of climate change. To start, MAPFRE aims to completely reduce its carbon emissions by 2030. So far, MAPFRE has managed to reduce 61% of its emissions at a global level. Moreover, MAPFRE refrains from investing in companies whereby more than 30% of their revenues is generated from energy produced by carbon sources and refuses to insure the construction of new infrastructures pertaining to coal mines, thermal power plants, or any projects relating to the use of fossil fuels in the Arctic.

MAPFRE are currently working to continue with the Corporate Environmental Footprint Plan in light of the previous project having achieved and exceeded its initial objectives. Other actions carried out by MAPFRE in order to achieve our sustainability objectives include the implementation of eco-efficient measures to save water, paper and energy, as well as investing in 100% renewable energy. Furthermore, sustainable mobility is promoted amongst employees, customers and other stakeholders, which can be seen from the recent developments of a motor insurance product for hybrid and electric vehicles.

We, at MAPFRE, are committed towards environmental sustainability which is reflected by our company values, and intend to keep on working towards building a better future.