CEO Blog: Our current challenge: finding the equilibrium between people and technology

Since last year, things have changed quite drastically. Up until some time ago, no one would have imagined that we were going to experience such an abrupt change in the way we work. For many, March 2020 was a turning point, forcing companies to adapt to the implications imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic with immediate effect. MAPFRE was one of the few companies that was able to quickly adapt to this situation of uncertainty, which is something that I am very proud of. Within just a week, the company was able to allow 90% of its workforce to work from home.

Now, the following question comes to mind: how are we going to work once the pandemic ends? I agree with what Jesús Martínez, CEO of MAPFRE LATAM, said in his conference Dialogue between the Chief Financial Officers and HR Directors. When this pandemic finally comes to an end and, little by little, we start to regain what we remember as a normal life, the company’s working model will certainly be quite different to that of what we knew prior to the Coronavirus. We will be switching to a hybrid model so that our employees may strike a balance between remote working and being physically present at the office. While some people will be working from home, others will be present at the office. I really consider this as a good step towards boosting efficiency in our work practices. This will pave the way towards a promising future in our work culture as long as we reach an equilibrium between both working models.

In addition, we have witnessed a change in consumer habits and behaviours. They have become far more familiar in using digital channels in order to purchase our services or get in touch our representatives. This is also a big challenge for several companies, including MAPFRE, as we must be able to adapt to new trends. Yet as a whole, I strongly believe that we are performing very well and are heading in the right direction.
We already know that technology enhances efficiency. It is present everywhere and requires special attention. However, we cannot forget about the people. People are, and always will be, our best asset in the organization. We at MAPFRE would not be the same without the experience, knowledge and value that our employees bring to the table. The great challenge, now, is to reach a real equilibrium between people and technology, however we strive to achieve this as soon as possible.