Why should you get travel insurance?

A vacation isn’t nearly as expensive as a car or a house. However, it’s still a significant sum of money. You book your flights, accommodations, excursions and other activities. They can be paid in full in advance or you could have just placed a non-refundable deposit.  Isn’t all of this worth insuring in case something goes wrong and your travel plans are jeopardized?

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should buy travel insurance:

1. Lost luggage

Whether your luggage is lost, stolen, or damaged, replacing all of the contents, including clothes, electronic equipment, and other personal effects, can be costly. Travel insurance may be able to help with the cost to replace  these items.

2. Someone gets sick or hurt

This could be the most common reason for vacations gone wrong. If you or a travel partner becomes ill just before a planned trip and has to cancel, you may be liable for the entire expense of the trip. In many circumstances, there may be no reimbursement available if a medical emergency arises during your trip and you must return home early. This is where travel insurance may be useful.

3. Emergency airlifts

If you need to be taken to a hospital or removed from a dangerous situation, helicopter transport could cost thousands.  These expenses may be covered by travel insurance.

4. Loss of a friend or family member

Let’s say a close friend or family member passes away right before your leaving date. In the case of an unfortunate event, having travel insurance may allow you to cancel or postpone your vacation.

5. Early returns

If you have to return home right away and cancel the rest of your trip, the airline might still charge you for the flight changes, even though it is an emergency. Travel insurance may be able to help you recover those costs.

6. Weather conditions

You could lose the money you’ve already paid  on travel, side excursions, and  accommodation, if a hurricane or winter storm closes the airport for days, preventing you from reaching the resort you’re going to. If you purchase travel insurance when you book your trip, you may be able to get compensated for these expenses.

If you’re planning a trip, now is the time to start thinking seriously about buying travel insurance.

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