suicide awareness

What is suicide awareness month?


Since September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day, many people refer to September as Suicide Awareness Month. During that month, organisations spread the word about suicide prevention and mental health by hosting events, webinars, and campaigns to bring attention to this crucial subject.


Two to three people in Malta die by suicide each month.

People frequently avoid talking about suicide since it is a taboo subject. The existence of World Suicide Prevention Day provides an opportunity to shed attention on these topics and mental health in general, eliminating the stigma that often prevents people from accessing the lifesaving assistance they require.

The numbers will keep rising if nothing is done to increase awareness and provide aid to those who need it most.


People may be reluctant to ask for assistance or to reach out to family and friends since they frequently struggle in silence. This is why understanding the warning signs is important. It can assist in determining whether someone is suicidal and ensuring that they receive the support that they require.

The following are some of the most typical warning signs and symptoms of people who are at risk of suicide:

    • Talking about wanting to die, or expressing suicidal thoughts
    • Talking about feeling hopeless or trapped
    • Talking about “being a burden” to other people
    • Showing extreme swings in mood
    • Withdrawing from people and feeling isolated
    • Increasing their alcohol or drug use
    • Mentioning or threatening to harm themselves

The likelihood of suicide is influenced by a variety of risk factors. Those that matter the most are:

  • Existing mental health conditions, such as depression, bipolar or anxiety disorder
  • A family history of suicide or suicide attempts
  • Substance abuse, such as alcohol and drug use
  • A recent or significant personal tragedy
  • A history of trauma, especially in childhood
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