What is Movember?

As part of the annual charity event known as Movember, a moustache is urged to be grown for the entire month of November. In order to achieve varied degrees of furry success, the goal is for people who wouldn’t typically sport facial hair to take the chance. However, it is still possible to participate if you are fortunate enough to have thick, lush clumps of hair on your upper lip.

The Movember Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 to promote awareness and funding of issues relating to men’s health, is in charge of organizing the entire affair.

Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention are some of its special areas of concentration. Since its founding, the charity has raised more than £440 million to support programs supporting men’s health.

Although originally geared at guys, Movember may now be enjoyed by both men and women thanks to new ways to participate besides growing a mustache.

Men commit suicide at a rate three times higher than women do globally.

Although the specific cause of why men kill themselves more frequently than women is unknown, it is believed that males are less inclined to discuss mental health difficulties, maybe as a result of the lingering stigma associated with conditions like depression and anxiety.

What else can I do to take part?

Even if you can’t grow facial hair, you can still participate.

Getting active is one way to tackle this, and Movember is encouraging people to run 60 kilometers in November, one for each of the 60 men who die by suicide every hour, everywhere in the globe.

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