SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Nearly 13% of the population (or roughly 1 in 9 people) of developing countries, where the majority of the world’s hungry people reside, is undernourished. Asia makes up two-thirds of the world’s undernourished people, and nearly half of all fatalities among children under five are related to malnutrition. Around 23% of people in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished, and 1 in 3 children in developing nations have stunted growth as a result of inadequate nutrition.

Here are 3 ways to attain zero hunger by 2030

  1. Reduce food waste

A very basic but useful advice. The fact that thousands of tons of food are wasted every year is one of the key causes of the world’s millions of hungry people. It’s crucial to lessen food waste if we want to put an end to this. We could begin reducing food waste in our homes as the saying “Charity begins at home” suggests. In this way, even the next generation would see the gravity of the situation and respect food. Just preparing the necessary amount of food and donating any leftovers are two very simple measures that might be implemented.

  1. Pave the way from farm to market

The high cost of food is one factor contributing to the rising tide of world hunger. We must make it possible for farmers to sell their goods at a fair price in order to reduce or eliminate the expense associated with middlemen. Both farmers and customers would be content and well-fed in this way. Support your neighbourhood grocers and vegetable growers. In fact, purchasing from them would significantly alter the food supply chain. Instead of investing your money in retail giants, support your small, neighbourhood vendors and aid in their expansion.

  1. Help NGOs feed the needy

There are many of NGOs working hard to lower the global hunger index. Many of them coordinate charitable campaigns, partner with industry leaders in food technology, and inform farmers about the chance to sell at farmer markets.

We may always provide money and do our part to such groups. These NGOs work to provide food for the underprivileged.

These are a few suggestions for everyone to help end world hunger. While there is no doubt that we can make a difference in the fight against hunger, we must also insist in our children and those around us a sense of gratitude for the food we have.

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