Safety Matters – Ways to be a safe pedestrian

The simple steps we can all take as pedestrians to reduce our risk while out walking are detailed below.

1.  Pay attention to your surroundings

  • Many aspects of road safety are simple common sense, but occasionally we have other things on our minds and let common sense slide! Keep your wits about you and avoid getting distracted when you’re near a road.
  • While walking, a lot of individuals use their mobile devices, which can drastically divert your focus from the road. Your focus can be diverted from the road even just by gazing at other individuals.
  • Tennis and other ball games should be reserved for athletic fields. Even if there is little traffic, never play them while driving.

2.  Simple steps to take

  • You can do a variety of things to increase your safety as a pedestrian even though you can’t control how other people drive.
  • If there is a footpath, use it. If there isn’t, walk on the right side of the road, facing oncoming traffic, and keep as close to the side of the road as possible.
  • Wear fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night.
  • Don’t try to cross the road between parked cars. If you can, cross at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights. Never cross at a bend.

3.  Use the crossings

  • Zebra crossings, traffic islands, footbridges, subways, and traffic signals are safer alternatives to traditional crossing points.
  • Always be sure that the traffic has stopped before you begin to cross at any form of crossing.

4.  Sobering facts

  • Pedestrians who are intoxicated pose a risk to both themselves and other drivers. Alcohol influences your judgment and decision-making, decreases reaction times, and encourages risk-taking.
  • If you’ve had a few too many, take a taxi, the bus, or request a ride from a designated driver instead of attempting to walk.
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