10 ways to prevent common accidents and protect your small business

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners have a lot on their plates. They’ll hop from marketing and accountancy to window cleaning and garbage bin emptying in a matter of minutes in order to make their enterprises successful. Even for those who regard health and safety to be a top priority, typical health and safety hazards might be missed with so many demands and so many things to know.

Fortunately, many typical missteps can be prevented by performing a few basic checks. Small business owners can utilize the following ideas to improve their safety policies, prevent typical workplace accidents, and limit risks to their company.

  1. Avoid tripping and falling. 

Repair any damage to the flooring that could present a trip hazard, and keep hallways clutter-free.

  1. Be aware of electrical hazards

If you have multiple objects plugged in at your workstation, consider purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to safeguard computers and prevent power spikes. Staff should be relocated to a safe work environment if electrical systems are being renovated.

  1. Limit manual handling and lifting

If jobs require employees to lift goods on a daily basis, make sure there is a strategy in place to get to those hard-to-reach places. If staff must move big goods, ensure sure they have the right tools and know how to use them safely.

  1. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit in plain sight 

Place numerous kits throughout your office and ensure that your  staff is educated in first aid.

  1. Create an emergency action plan

Build a system to track employees’ whereabouts, outline emergency exits, rehearse fire drills and coordinate safe meeting places.

  1. Identify staff who may need extra help in an emergency

Involve your employees in safety planning and make sure the office is accessible and ready for fires, power outages and other unforeseen emergencies.

  1. Promote fire safety 

Identify fire threats in your workplace and teach your employees how to use fire extinguishers.

  1. Avoid injuries by storing items safely 

Heavy goods should be placed closer to the ground, and weight should be distributed equally in cabinets and on shelves.

  1. Help reduce back pain and repetitive strain injuries 

Ensure that desk chairs and computer monitors are adjusted to the appropriate height for each user. The longevity and health of employees who work at desks all day will benefit from proper ergonomics.

  1. Protect your business against water damage

Pipes and other system components can leak, causing the working environment to become more humid than it should be, which can lead to other issues such as mould.

It’s critical to have safety guidelines in place to avoid accidents and injuries. It’s also a requirement under the law. Furthermore, in the event of the unforeseeable, the correct insurance coverage can give the solutions that business owners require to secure what they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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