Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Health, Hon. Chris Fearne visits MAPFRE offices to learn about MAPFRE’s Corporate Wellness and Health Strategy

Last Friday, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Health, Hon. Chris Fearne, accompanied by Dr. Paula Vassallo – Director of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, paid a visit to MAPFRE’s offices in Floriana, as part of the ongoing outreach programme of the Ministry’s national mental health campaign, “Hu Hsieb”. During the visit, they were introduced to MAPFRE’s positioning as a healthy company and its holistic approach to the well-being of its employees as individuals and professionals.

MAPFRE Middlesea CEO, Javier Moreno, highlighted, “At MAPFRE, people are our main value, and taking care of their physical and mental health, safety, and well-being is our priority.” He emphasized that MAPFRE is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy work environment and continually improving upon it, seeing it as a key element of competitiveness and essential for enhancing the company’s productivity and sustainability.

Etienne Sciberras, MAPFRE MSV Life CEO, stated, “We truly believe we should provide a safe, healthy, and well-being-oriented work environment that enables all MAPFRE people to carry out their work in the best physical, mental, and social conditions.”

Ines da Siva, Chief Officer for HR, shared insights into the Health and Wellbeing strategy that has been in development over the past years. She mentioned the implementation of a Mental Health and Well-Being policy, aimed at promoting well-being, safeguarding the mental well-being of employees, and addressing workplace factors that may negatively affect mental well-being. The policy also emphasizes providing a supportive working environment for those experiencing or recovering from ill health and encouraging the employment of individuals with a history of health problems related to their mental well-being. The company recognizes that mental well-being issues in the workplace, particularly stress, are organizational issues that management has a responsibility to address.

As part of the Corporate Wellness initiatives, MAPFRE organizes a Health Week, a global initiative that takes place across all MAPFRE companies worldwide. This event is focused on raising awareness about employee health and environmental well-being, encouraging enthusiastic participation from staff members who engage in a variety of activities beyond their usual work routines.

Hon. Chris Fearne commended MAPFRE’s dedication to employee well-being and environmental consciousness, stating that it serves as a testament to the company’s vision of fostering a positive and impactful work culture. He believes that these activities will undoubtedly inspire other organizations to prioritize the health and happiness of their workforce.

MAPFRE’s commitment to employee wellness and environmental consciousness aligns with the country’s efforts to promote a healthy and thriving workforce. The visit by Hon. Chris Fearne and the esteemed delegation demonstrated the importance of fostering a corporate culture that prioritizes the physical, mental, and social well-being of employees. MAPFRE continues to set an example for other organizations to follow in promoting a healthy work environment and taking care of their most valuable assets – their employees.