On 26 March 2021, the Malta Financial Services Authority has directed Zenith Tied Insurance Intermediary Limited, amongst others, to:
(i) Refrain from onboarding of new clients and refrain from providing existing clients with any new or additional services; and
(ii) Cease all outgoing transactions from the Company’s accounts holding clients’ monies.

The full details of the Regulatory action taken by the MFSA together with Frequently Asked Questions and answers published by the MFSA can be accessed on the MFSA website at https://www.mfsa.mt/news-item/public-notice/

MAPFRE Middlesea would like to reassure its customers who had their policies arranged through Zenith Tied Insurance Intermediary Limited (in its capacity as a Tied Insurance Intermediary of MAPFRE Middlesea plc) that this development does not affect their Policy in any way as this remains valid and in force directly with MAPFRE Middlesea. As such, there is no action whatsoever that is required on the part of such customers. The only change will be that from this point onwards, and until further notice, such customers will be serviced directly by MAPFRE Middlesea in connection with their Policy, including premium payments, and their relationship will be directly with MAPFRE Middlesea and no longer with Zenith Tied Insurance Intermediary Limited.

MAPFRE Middlesea operates three Regional Customer Service Offices that are located at Luqa, B’Kara and Floriana. Customers may reach out to us at any of these offices for any service in connection with their Policy. Alternatively, customers may also contact us by telephone on 21246262 or by e-mail on mapfre@middlesea.com