MAPFRE organizes a volunteering day in collaboration with Merill Rural Network

Last Sunday, 24th October, MAPFRE organized another CSR volunteering activity in the beautiful valley of Hal Ghargur, in collaboration with Merill Rural Newtwork.

The land is mainly ustilised for beekeeping but, as in any other agricultural land, there are many more things to do that demand a lot of work and upkeeping.

On the day, MAPFRE’s volunteers were welcomed by Mario, the owner and manager of the land. After a short introduction, they went all together to clear some areas full of cane, which required quite hard work as those canes were very big and heavy. In addition to this cane transportation, they also helped to separate the cane into the parts that will be used as canopies and those parts meant to be discarded.

During the day, Janet Borg, founder of the Maya Foundation, also contributed by informing volunteers on the importance of local agriculture and the upkeeping of the land. At the end of the day, volunteers were invited to taste some local nibbles which had been produced on that same land where the activity had taken place.

MAPFRE intends to pursue its Corporate Social Responsibility activities as a way to give back to the local community which hosts our company..