MAPFRE Group celebrate International Women’s Day

As part of this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day, MAPFRE Group organised an online panel discussion for its employees with the aim to address the importance of work-life balance, as well as the challenges and implications posed towards the latter during COVID-19.

The panel discussion involved a number of speakers, both from MAPFRE as well as guest speakers from other organisations. More particularly, the panel was comprised of Chief Financial Officer James Mallia, Deputy Chief Officer Marta Martin, and Head of Business Development Denise Bezzina from MAPFRE Malta. Dragan Donkov from Richmond Foundation moderated the panel and the remaining guest speakers included the CEO of St. James Hospital Maria Bugeja, Director of Science in the City Angele Galea, as well as renowned fitness and motivational coach Leanne Bartolo.

The main objective of the session was for MAPFRE employees to get to know the speakers from both a professional and a personal standpoint, whilst gaining a stronger understanding of how to better implement work-life balance amidst the challenging times being faced during COVID-19, all whilst taking into consideration the importance of their organizational roles.

Furthermore, the panel discussion consisted of several other topics, including the ability to accept and learn how to cope with the emotions that present themselves during these difficult times, the ability to accept change, acknowledging and identifying one’s skillsets in application to their career, and striking the right balance between one’s own career and wellbeing.

Towards the end of the panel discussion, the speakers gave insightful advice to those who are struggling to cope with the challenges of COVID-19, both in their professional and personal lives. In addition, the company provided its employees with a variety of herbal plants that they could choose from according to their own preferences.