fundacion mapfre 30000 euro prize

30,000-euro prize on offer from Fundación MAPFRE for an innovative, global project to help boost insurance activity

Fundación MAPFRE gives recognition to scientific work in fields related to insurance and social protection. With a total of 30,000 euros on offer. Deadline of May 31. General principles available at

Fundación MAPFRE has opened the application process for the X edition of the Julio Castelo Matrán International Insurance Award, with a prize of 30,000 euros.

The idea behind this international award is to give recognition to scientific works and innovative projects that contribute to the expansion of insurance activity within society and that promote economic stability and solidarity through insurance and social protection.

Applications and documentation may be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese and the work must either be unpublished or have been published in the last four years.

Interested parties, whether individuals or institutions, can submit their projects before the deadline of May 31 using the form available at

This accolade was first created ten years ago in homage to Julio Castelo Matrán, who served as Chairman of MAPFRE, playing an instrumental role in the company’s development, and who now holds the position of Honorary Chairman of Fundación MAPFRE.

The award will be judged in July 2021 and will be awarded in October during the ceremony of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards, which give recognition to the individuals and institutions that have undertaken outstanding scientific, cultural or social actions for the benefit of society.

Madrid, March 1, 2021. For more information, please contact Nuria del Olmo or Alejandra Fernández at MAPFRE Corporate Communication. Phone: +34 915818464, +34 915812216, +34 690049112 and +34 606537889. Email:;