MAPFRE Malta organise fundraising activity for St Patrick’s Home for boys

MAPFRE Malta’s CSR committe organized an event for staff with the aim to collect funds towards Dar Osanna Pia as well as Dar Mamma Margherita

These two homes are being taken care of by the Salesians of Don Bosco.

The Salesians are a Roman Catholic religious organisation founded in the late nineteenth century by Don Bosco, an Italian priest. He dedicated his life working for children and youth, establishing oratories and houses, and creating the Salesian Family which today is a world-wide and vibrant organisation encompassing several entities. The Salesians have been present in Malta ever since 1903.

They strive to provide their youngsters with a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelises, a school that prepares them for life, and a playground where friends can meet and enjoy themselves in Malta, the Salesians operate in a wide range of environments, providing an educative-pastoral experience in a number of residential homes, schools, churches and youth centres.

Dar Osanna Pia and Dar Mamma Margherita are housing 21 young men who found themselves without the care and support of their families. The Salesians of Don Bosco have taken it upon themselves to provide for their accommodation and their education. The Salesian Family strongly believe that once these young men finish their academic courses, they will be able to build their lives independently without remaining entrapped in the poverty cycle, striving to “make people of good will and honest citizens” out of these young men.

The Salesians of Don Bosco used the funds donated by MAPFRE Malta towards a gym project for the residents. In view of the implications of COVID-19 and the imposed quarantine measures that came with it, this donation provided the NGO with the ability to set up an outdoor gym for its residents, which both helped in bringing out the best of them and provided them with an initiative to keep active and remain healthy during these challenging times.

“As one can imagine, it is not easy to keep 14 healthy young men indoors for a weekend, let alone for so many weeks,” said Fr. Savio Vella, home director of Dar Osanna Pia. “Your donation has provided us with the necessary push to set up an outdoor gym which served the residents with the right solution”, he added.

Despite the challenges and struggles that these residents have had to face for a number of years, this fundraising activity will assist them in their education and finding a place for themselves in society.