Fundación MAPFRE’s single most important donation was to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine research

At that moment, Fundación MAPFRE decided to allocate 30 million euros to provide medical and sanitary material, and for emergency social aid, to the most vulnerable societies in nearly 30 countries around the world. And also, although at that time it was seen as something unattainable, Fundación MAPFRE donated five million euros to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) to accelerate the research of the vaccine. This organism is not only a center of recognized world prestige, but it has also been one of those that achieved the greatest successes in the vaccine of the previous coronavirus epidemic, SARS.
Thanks to this donation from Fundación MAPFRE, the largest single donation in its history, three vaccine models have already been developed, one of which has recently concluded the pre-clinical phase with highly encouraging results. Additionally, it is also working with the objective that they can be distributed without special conservation conditions as is the case with current vaccines, which opens the door to a wide distribution that reaches all regions of the planet when their production is launched.
The CSIC wanted to thank Fundación MAPFRE for this contribution that has promoted nearly 100 research projects against COVID-19, in an event attended by Vice President Ignacio Baeza.
The research has not focused only on vaccines, but also progress has been made in other lines of action against the coronavirus, such as new biodegradable FFP2 masks with virucidal to eliminate the risk of contamination from the mask itself, among other developments of equipment for protection and more accurate diagnostic kits for virus detection.
In Europe, progress is being made towards mass vaccination, but the same is not happening in other regions of the planet, which is why Fundación MAPFRE has decided to allocate an additional 10 million euros this year to help people overcome the pandemic and the economic crisis that is coming behind it. These lines of action are focused on Latin America, in the countries where MAPFRE is present.