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Fundación MAPFRE selects nine major social innovation projects in the new post-covid world

The nine projects selected provide real solutions to real health, mobility and insurance innovation problems.

Social transformation and global impact. These are the main attributes that make the nine social innovation projects selected in this year’s award semifinals stand out; these awards aim to improve health, sustainable mobility and insurance innovation, and have been held by Fundación MAPFRE for three years. The projects—which, this year, come from Brazil, Ecuador, Spain and Peru—aim to respond to major challenges such as improving people’s quality of life, reducing pollution in cities, supporting older people and meeting needs that have arisen during the current crisis.

Improving health and digital technology

The following projects reached the final in this category: Instituto Laura Fresatto (Brazil), which has developed an artificial intelligence platform that sends early signals from patients at risk of clinical deterioration to health professionals, helping reduce mortality and hospital stays; Hope (Peru), a simple, low-cost, self-sampling DNA sample analysis kit that detects high-risk strains of HPV and helps prevent cervical cancer in women; and i4life (Spain), a smart device that attaches to a cane and emits visual and tactile stimuli to help people with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s gain confidence and independence.

Insurance innovation

The following projects were finalists in this category: Electroware (Brazil), a simple low-cost, easy-to-install platform that provides information on energy quality and helps reduce the risk of electrical damage; Saving the planet you have innovative health insurance (Peru), a program that provides vulnerable people living with tuberculosis with the opportunity to recycle solid waste and, through the funds raised, access health insurance; and Pensium (Spain), a solution that makes it easier for elderly dependents to finance their care, whether in a private residence or at home, without having to sell their home.

Sustainable mobility and road safety

Three projects stood out in this category: Guiaderodas (Brazil), a collaborative cellphone app that allows people with a disability and limited mobility to check accessibility levels in a certain location; Clipp-MaaS (Ecuador), a multi-modal platform that enables people to design a customized mobility plan using any of the transportation options available in a city; and Bastón Egara (Spain), a smart assistance handle that adapts to the canes used by blind people and helps them avoid painful collisions with obstacles above the waist.
Panel of experts
A group of experts chosen by Fundación MAPFRE and IE University—the awards’ academic partner—chose the projects that have the greatest potential for social impact, are the most viable technically, economically and organizationally, and are best adapted to the current situation.

Network of innovators

The participating projects are already part of Red Innova, an entrepreneurial community of more than 60 startups—including winners from previous years—who share projects and experiences and who have been especially active during lockdown. Speaking of lockdown, many social entrepreneurs have adapted their services to needs created by the pandemic, such as 3D-printing health care materials and offering free psychological care services.

Mentoring and investor visibility

The nine finalists will receive mentoring, guidance and help to communicate and develop their proposals more effectively, and will have access to a public relations plan to enhance the visibility of their projects to potential investors and financiers.
Final: Madrid, October 29
As in previous years, Fundación MAPFRE hopes to be able to hold a grand final, but this will depend on the safety measures in force at the time. The ceremony will be adapted to the protocols recommended by the authorities and to the circumstances of the countries participating in the event.

MAPFRE Malta reinforce its commitment towards corporate social responsibility during Coronavirus pandemic

MAPFRE Malta reinforce its commitment towards corporate social responsibility during Coronavirus pandemic

MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c., as a standalone Company, registered a turnover of €75.12 million in gross premium written, a 1.0% increase over FY2019 registering a marginal increase in its market leadership share. In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, premium growth was severely depressed, with the market only marginally increasing in volume as economic activity slowed down. Technical results improved over previous year as the near lockdown months and the lack of tourist visiting the island affected favourably the claim frequency particularly in Motor. Fewer large losses occurred during the year with a lower effect on results compared to the previous year.

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Fundacion MAPFRE sponsors therapeutic facility at Inspire Foundation

Fundacion MAPFRE sponsors therapeutic facility at Inspire Foundation

For the fourth consecutive year, Fundacion MAPFRE has partnered up with Inspire Foundation, through a generous donation that will allow specialised services for children and adults with a disability to continue. The sum of €53,000 has been contributed to cover the running costs of one of Inspire’s therapeutic facilities – the Multi-Sensory Rooms (MSR).

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