MAPFRE Middlesea employees donate over €1,000 to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

In the last four years, MAPFRE Middlesea employees together with the Chairman and CEO have decided to collect a number of funds together in order to donate them towards a good cause. Every year, the management of the company chooses a different cause whereby the employees may contribute in the spirit of giving.

In December 2019, MAPFRE Middlesea contributed towards the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. Regardless of religion, race or gender, the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation have dedicated themselves towards helping any individual, couple or family that find themselves in an unfortunate short-term crisis, providing them with non-perishable food items that will help get them through the week.

Founded by Chairman Rev. Kim Hurst in 2015, she decided upon herself to launch the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation following the event of meeting a person who was asking around for food. Unfortunately, this individual often found himself or herself scavenging through the trash in search for potentially discarded food items. It was after this encounter that Kim Hurst envisioned the start of a small venture in order to feed those individuals and families in need.

In light of this, MAPFRE Middlesea employees donated a sum of €1,140 towards the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. “I would like to thank everyone in the name of the company for the great commitment being shown towards all initiatives related to corporate social responsibility this year,” said Felipe

Navarro, President and CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea. “Moreover, I would like to transmit the thanks from the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation for the immense generosity shown towards them. With these donations, the Foodbank will be able to provide food for 100 families per week.”

In the upcoming year, MAPFRE Middlesea will continue to collaborate with a number of NGOs as part of their commitment towards socially responsible initiatives. This donation was but a small gesture of goodwill from MAPFRE Middlesea to express the well-deserved appreciation and gratitude towards the work done by these local institutions.

Photo caption: Jane Mizzi from Foodbank Lifeline Foundation (left) receiving donation on behalf of employees from Felipe Navarro (right), President and CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea