Equal Partners Foundation holds end of year celebrations of programme sponsored by Fundación MAPFRE

The ‘Young Explorers’ and ‘Stepping Out’ programme participants recently celebrated their achievements during a meeting wherein they all talked about their experiences.

At the opening of the event, Dr Godwin Micallef, President of Equal Partners Foundation (EPF) welcomed the youngsters and their parents and guardians. Ms Schembri Lia, clinical coordinator of the ‘Stepping Out’ programme gave a presentation and explained how these activities all contributed to build on the members’ sense of self, self-worth as well as their capacity to establish effective relationships with others in the community.

The youngsters also shared their experiences and explained how all these activities helped them to make them feeling better equipped to participate in community life, how they have made new friends distinct from their family or schoolmates, feeling a step closer to being independent and adult-like.
Mr Felipe Navarro who was representing Fundación MAPFRE said “You are all great achievers and I must congratulate you all. Keep on working hard because you are in the right direction. I am pleased that Fundación MAPFRE is sponsoring this programme for the past 6 years and the results clearly show that the beneficiaries are making the most out of it.”

Fundación MAPFRE has been very active in Malta by helping other institutions in many ways. Fundación MAPFRE carried out a number of programmes which promote road safety to more than 12,000 young children in schools across Malta and Gozo. Fundación also sponsored various Healthy Living programmes which highlights the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle followed by a balanced diet and taking part in physical activities. These campaigns have also reached over 10,000 children across all schools.
On the closing of the event, Dr Elena Tanti Burlo (Vice President of EPF) thanked all the parents and Fundación MAPFRE for their constant support towards EPF.