MAPFRE switches off the lights for nature during Earth Hour

The company underlines its commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change

MAPFRE is once again joining the “Earth Hour” initiative, the biggest mobilization campaign against climate change, switching off the lights and illuminated signs tomorrow, Saturday, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., in the company’s main buildings around the world.

Earth Hour, a movement born more than 12 years ago in Sydney, promotes direct action to combat climate change and develop conservation initiatives beyond climate action. Last year, MAPFRE buildings and offices in 13 countries joined the initiative and turned off luminous signs, computers and electrical appliances.

MAPFRE continues working to be benchmark in sustainability. In the new Sustainability Plan, which is being finalized, the commitments to the fight against climate change are reinforced, undertaking, as a short-term objective, to have all the operations of MAPFRE companies based in Spain and Portugal carbon neutral by 2021, which will bring with it a 61-percent reduction in the Group’s current emissions, with the rest of the Group following suit by 2030.

Also, at the recent Annual General Meeting, Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, also announced that the company will stop investing in electricity companies that derive more than 30 percent of their revenues from energy produced from coal.

In addition, as a collaborating company in Earth Hour 2019, MAPFRE has signed the letter of support in favor of WWF to strengthen its work against climate change.

More information available at https://noticias.mapfre.com/en/