MAPFRE MSV Life to support Caritas Female Programme for the next three years

MAPFRE MSV Life has pledged its support to Caritas Malta for the forthcoming three years as a result of a Support Agreement that was signed today. The financial assistance that will be provided by MAPFRE MSV Life will be specifically directed towards the Caritas Malta Female Project at the San Blas Therapeutic Community. The Female Programme opened in 2008 and since then it has made services to women more easily accessible and readily available to those in need.

The three year support agreement was signed by David G Curmi, Chief Executive Officer of MAPRE MSV Life and Anthony Gatt, Director of Caritas Malta. Also present was Anglu Fenech, Administrative Secretary of Caritas Malta.

MAPFRE MSV Life CEO, David G Curmi said that MAPFRE MSV Life, as the leading Life Insurance company in Malta, has been a long standing supporter of the initiatives of Caritas Malta. “The social work that is performed by Caritas is contributing directly towards those who are most in need and we are committed, as part of our contribution towards the communities in which we operate, to continue to sustain the Female Project of Caritas Malta,” said Mr. Curmi.

Caritas Malta Director, Anthony Gatt, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the support that MAPFRE MSV Life has been giving Caritas along the years. He noted that this donation will contribute directly to the Female Programme at San Blas Therapeutic Community. “The donation will be instrumental to continue to provide residential and outpatient services and support to female individuals recovering from drug dependence”, said Mr. Gatt.