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MAPFRE Middlesea supports initiative to create awareness about mental health and bullying

MAPFRE Middlesea is supporting local theatre group Dwal Ġodda, on their quest to raise awareness about mental health and bullying.

In their latest production Kulħadd iħokk fejn jieklu, the theatre group aimed to emphasise the long-term damage caused to individuals who are victims of bullying, ridicule, neglect and isolation. It also aimed to make the audience reflect on their past actions and on whether they too have acted as bullies at some point in their lives. In the run-up to the show, Dwal Ġodda met with a number of NGOs that work on such causes, to better understand this phenomenan and to send out a clearer, bolder message. The show took place in Għargħur between the 23 and 24 of November.

Dwal Ġodda was set up in 1970, and in the past years, it has put up a number of productions written by established writers such as Francis Ebejer and Joe Friggieri, amongst others. It has gained most of its popularity thanks to the innovative Palm Sunday street theatre performance which it puts up annually.

“It is our pleasure and duty to raise awarness to such important issues. Dwal Ġodda have always been at the forefront to create theatre productions that convey a strong message,” Chief Officer of Marketing at MAPFRE Middlesea , Ana Zammit Munro said.

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MAPFRE Middlesea supports Doctors for Road Safety

MAPFRE Middlesea supports Doctors for Road Safety

As part of their corporate initiatives, MAPFRE Middlesea support Doctors for Road Safety (D4RS) in order to aid in further enhancing road safety. D4RS is a non-profit organisation founded by medical doctors and medical students who strive to achieve the highest possible standards of road safety in Malta and Gozo.

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