24 hours donating blood

24 Hours Donating Blood

An Example of MAPFRE’s Commitment on the World Blood Donor Day

Last year, more than 5,500 people benefited from this initiative

This is the third year in a row that MAPFRE organizes a global 24-hour activity for its employees, in which they can donate blood in the countries in which the company operates. The activity will start this Thursday. This action is part of MAPFRE’s corporate volunteering program, which provided blood reserves to more than 5,500 people last year.

MAPFRE’s employees in the Philippines will start with this campaign and MAPFRE’s employees in China will join a few hours later, as in the case of Europe, continuing with a campaign based on donating blood 24 hours a day. The campaign will continue in the countries in Latin America, in the United States, in Uruguay, Peru, Panama and Chile, to name a few. In addition, different MAPFRE offices will give talks to raise awareness on the importance of this life-saving action.

In Malta, MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life employees have also taken part in the blood donation initiative, including the CEO Felipe Navarro who said “ I am very happy to participate in this important initiative. All my recognition for the organisers, the National Blood Transfusion Service and those who contributed.”

This 24-hour donation campaign is another example of the commitment of MAPFRE’s employees to society and its purpose is to increase the blood reserves, which are particularly necessary during the holiday period.

The MAPFRE corporate volunteering program is implemented through the Fundación MAPFRE’s VOLUNTEERS Program. Volunteering is aligned with the Group’s strategy and one of MAPFRE’s main challenges is to become a global benchmark in corporate solidarity.

MAPFRE Middlesea supports Doctors for Road Safety

MAPFRE Middlesea supports Doctors for Road Safety

As part of their corporate initiatives, MAPFRE Middlesea support Doctors for Road Safety (D4RS) in order to aid in further enhancing road safety. D4RS is a non-profit organisation founded by medical doctors and medical students who strive to achieve the highest possible standards of road safety in Malta and Gozo.

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