volunteers clean up wied ghollieqa

Volunteers of MAPFRE Malta clean-up Wied Għollieqa

Volunteers of MAPFRE Malta clean-up Wied Għollieqa

During the last initiative by the MAPFRE Volunteer Programme in Malta, members of the staff of MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life took part in a clean-up of Wied Għollieqa.
On 18 May 2017, 14 employees from both companies spent a couple of hours cleaning up waste found around the valley, gathering all forms of packaging, plastic and other litter. The event was held in collaboration with Nature Trust Malta and formed part of the Corporate Social Responsability Programme of the MAPFRE Group – through which the companies give back to the community in which they operates in. The event was led by Dr Eman Calleja, who is in charge of the protected site.
Wied Ghollieqa, found surronding The University of Malta and Kappara, hosts a number of species of riparian woodlands, maquis and valley-bed woodland communities. Since 1990, Nature Trust have strived to convert abandoned fields into local habitats. It is one of the few green areas left around the San Gwann/ Gzira area.

“ It is truly sad to see natural habibats being destroyed by negligence – as citizens, we are expected to protect such areas and care for the environment surronding us. We are happy that as a company, we did our part in helping clear the site up – we hope others will follow suit. Such initiaitves leave our employees satisfied, because they have given something back to the community during a days’ work. ” Norman Mifsud, Chief Officer – HR & Corporate Services at MAPFRE MSV Life said.

Nature Trust Malta, a priveleged partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is a non-governmental institution that works on protecting enviromental sites and wildlife, environmental education and lobbying for environmental legislation.

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