Business Game MAPFRE (bugaMAP)

Business Game MAPFRE (bugaMAP).

MAPFRE Middlesea plc in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE every year  organises a business strategy game created by MAPFRE called Business Game MAPFRE (bugaMAP).

BugaMAP is a computerized game that simulates the management of insurance companies, by allowing participants to take decisions on significant variables, both technical as well as financial. Such an initiative was made possible through the synergies and expertise gained since Middlesea Insurance became a member of the global MAPFRE Group in July 2011.

Every year we invite students from the University of Malta who are following the insurance course to take part in this game. They find it very interesting and stimulating. We also invite members of staff and the distribution network so they can learn more about all the different aspect of the running of an insurance company.

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