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Fundación MAPFRE to bring over to Malta a major exhibition of the great master Picasso.

Fundación MAPFRE to bring over to Malta a major exhibition of the great master Picasso.

At a press conference at Verdala Palace, Martin Galea, Chairman of MAPFRE Middlesea announced that Fundación MAPFRE will bring a major exhibition of Picasso to Malta in 2018, when Valletta is to be the European Capital of Culture. This is the first exhibition of Picasso in Malta and perhaps of any modern painter of this stature. This exhibition is being held in collaboration with the office of the President of Malta.
During the press conference, Mr Pablo Jimenez, Managing Director of the Culture Area of Fundación MAPFRE said that Fundación MAPFRE believes that Culture enriches people’s lives and they have spent many years bringing art and history closer to the public through exhibitions, courses and publications which combine the interest of experts with the public.
Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artists of the twentieth century. He has a worldwide reputation and his works fetch the highest prices at auction houses. This exhibition displays about 100 prints from the collection, Suite Vollard as well as 4 paintings. The Vollard suite is being brought to Malta is owned by Fundación MAPFRE.
Fundación MAPFRE is offering this unique chance for those interested to learn more about one of the greatest artistic geniuses of all times and his creative process. Visitors will be able to learn more about his artistic periods, his influences and his models, among other subjects.
Mr Javier Fernández-Cid Plañiol, INTERNATIONAL Territorial Area CEO, Chairman of MAPFRE INTERNACIONAL and Chairman of MAPFRE USA said he is delighted to be in Malta and to be part of this project to bring Picasso to Malta. MAPFRE is as a global insurance company present on the five continents and is one of the largest insurance providers worldwide with an annual turnover of over 26 billion Euros. He said MAPFRE is conscious of its CSR obligations which are mainly implemented by Fundación MAPFRE. Fundación has five specialized areas and collaborates with a range of public and private, national and international institutions, NGOs, museums, foundations and associations in order to achieve its objectives .
Fundación has been very active in Malta since 2012 through “The Street Smart Campaign” and Healthy Living campaign “Caqlaq “ aimed to promote road safety and healthy lifestyle habits to more than 20,000 pupils aged 9 to 13 years, in schools across Malta and Gozo. Fundación also sponsored the Head start Project, in collaboration with the Equal Partners Foundation which aims to help and improve the quality of life of young children who have a disability problem.
MAPFRE Middlesea is a strong supporter of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and recognizes the excellent work carries out by this national charity.. Mr Fernandez Cid expressed his gratitude to Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta for agreeing to collaborate with Fundación MAPFRE and making the Palace of the Grandmasters available for the exhibition, where people will have the opportunity to see the works of the great master.

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