fundacion mapfre awards

Fundación MAPFRE to reward people and entities who contributed to society

The 20th edition of Fundacion MAPFRE awards have been launched, seeking to reward the commitment of people and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to society in the fields of science, culture and the humanities.

Fundación MAPFRE is a non-profit organisation founded by MAPFRE, which in Malta is represented by MAPFRE Middlesea.

The awards, which come with a cash prize of €30,000 each, are granted in the five categories that follow. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises the contribution to society of a person aged 70 years or older who has led a fruitful career in the service of society and people.

The Award for the Best Health Promotion Initiative gives recognition to contribution by entities or people in the prevention of risks or accidents and in health promotion.

The Award for the Best Social Action Initiative rewards persons or entities which have worked to improve the integration and quality of life of disadvantaged social groups, as well as to help them to overcome physical, financial or social limitations.

The Award for the Best Accident Prevention and Road Safety Initiative is granted to those who have significantly contributed to the effective prevention and reduction of traffic, domestic, sports-related or leisure activity accidents.

For the first time this year, the Awards will include the International Insurance Award, which is rewarded to entities or persons who have contributed to improving the knowledge and social perception of insurance by means of innovation, research, training and the improvement of services.

The deadline for entries for these awards is March 1. For the participation rules, please visit

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