MSV Life Presents Winner with €1,000 towards his Retirement Savings

MSV Life recently participated at a local conference entitled “Knowledge is Everything”. Stuart Fairbairn, MSV Chief Officer Business Development, said that “at MSV Life, we couldn’t agree more with this statement!

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is easy to delay important decisions, particularly financial ones, because something else always seems to take priority. This is why we firmly believe in trying to help people understand how decisions taken today can have a major impact on their long-term financial wellbeing.”

The company’s presence at this event was aimed at creating awareness on the importance of taking personal financial responsibility and enhancing one’s knowledge in order to have the tools to make the right choices today for a more secure future.

Delegates were offered the chance to participate in a free prize draw, where they could win € 1,000 towards their retirement savings with MSV. The winner, Alan Gauci, principal of Yoyo Kids at Skyparks, was recently presented with his prize. As a firm believer in thinking for the future, Mr. Gauci looks forward to reap the benefits at retirement, at which time his MSV plan will make a pay-out which will be used to supplement his retirement income.

There is great value in thinking about one’s financial status and planning ahead for one’s retirement, even (if not more so) at a younger age. At the end of last year, MSV launched a free online Retirement Planning Tool with the sole purpose of helping people with this task. The planner is easy to use and provides valuable information about one’s expected state pension, how much more is required to maintain one’s standard of living at retirement, and how much one needs to save in order to be able to reach the desired retirement income.

“Having this additional money towards my retirement is a real boost and I have added it to my existing retirement savings pot. Using MSV’s online retirement tool is a real eye opener and I would encourage everyone to use it in order to face the reality check of how much you need to save to ensure you have a comfortable retirement,” said Mr. Gauci.

To find out more about MSV’s retirement planning solutions, or to request a free copy of MSV’s Simple Guide to Pensions, simply send an email to

MSV Life p.l.c. is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on Long Term Business under the Insurance Business Act, 1998.