volvo ocean race visit

Volvo Ocean Race Visit

Last June MAPFRE Middlesea and MSV Life had the honour of welcoming their VIP guests to the Volvo Ocean Race at its final destination in Gothenburg. The MAPFRE Middlesea and MSV Life guests were delighted to experience this ultimate mix of sporting competition and world-class adventure.

Keith Mallia_Milanes, MAPFRE Middlesea Assistant General Manager, who accompanied the guests in Gothenburg said that “what made this event electrifying for our guests was that they felt part of the competition especially since MAPFRE owned one of the boats taking part. Everyone cheered the MAPFRE boat in and joined in the celebrations.” Keith Mallia-Milanes, together with two of the guests actually sailed on the MAPFRE boat during the In-Port practice race.

The Volvo Ocean Race is the world’s toughest round-the-world boat race. The competing 65-foot sailing yachts left Alicante on 4 October 2014 and sailed into their final destination in Gothenburg on 21 June 2015.

This major event ended with an In-Port Race in the entrance to Gothenburg harbour, giving everyone a ringside view of the final sprint. The party continued in the Race Village in Frihamnen, the heart of Gothenburg harbour, which is currently being redeveloped. The seven competing boats berthed there once the race was complete.

By the end of the race the boats covered 39,000 nautical miles and visited 10 ports around the world. This was the twelfth Volvo Ocean Race since the first took place 40 years ago. It was the third time the race sailed into Gothenburg.

One of the guests, Mark Vassallo, a sailing enthusiast, said “This was a dream come true. I followed this race since I was a child and I always dreamt about being part of this fabulous event. MAPFRE Middlesea made my dream come true”.

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