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Support to Phoenix Beachvolley Academy

In line with their respective CSR programmes to promote healthy living habits, MSV Life and Mapfre Middlesea have embarked on a joint initiative to support Phoenix SC in setting up a youth beachvolley academy, which provides the skills necessary for young athletes to play this Olympic sport.

Commenting on the setting up of the Beachvolley Nursery, Phoenix Sports Club President Orlando Bonnici stated that this development follows on the success of Phoenix’ work with its indoor volleyball nursery, which this season was crowned national volleyball champion in the under-14 and under-16 categories.

“Phoenix’ philosophy places a strong emphasis on the development of young athletes in all the sports disciplines in which we participate. In this case we recognised that a growing number of our young indoor volleyball players were developing an interest in beach volleyball, which is a growing sport all over the world. Our professional volleyball coaching staff has developed a programme aimed at developing the skills needed for this sport. And thanks to our sponsors, MAPFRE Middlesea and MSV Life, we are now in a position to cater for this activity as well”, said Bonnici.

Mr David Curmi, CEO of MSV Life commented “Beach Volley has developed into a high-profile, glamorous sport and enjoys great visibility on beaches around the world, including Malta. MSV Life is proud of its role in helping encourage youths to undertake physical activity and to practice this sport.”

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