new corporate name

MAPFRE Middlesea: A new corporate name

Middlesea Insurance p.l.c has announced that it will be changing its corporate name to MAPFRE Middlesea.

During the launch of the new branding, Mr Alfredo Munoz , MAPFRE Middlesea’s President and CEO, explained that this decision would allow the company to benefit from the advantages that a prestigious international brand such as MAPFRE can provide in today’s globalised market. The global insurance group MAPFRE has been Middlesea’s majority shareholder since 2011. Mr Munoz stated that: “The biggest advantage we enjoy today is the fact that we belong to a global group. MAPFRE operates in 47 countries worldwide and has more than 27 million clients with over 38,000 employees. We can therefore tap into this expertise for the benefit of our clients, who will always have the opportunity to acquire the most innovative products and services delivered by means of the latest technology”.

He emphasised that MAPFRE Middlesea’s new brand promise continues to be that of delivering an excellent service to its clients. “This is the key to becoming the insurance company of choice”, he added. Mr Munoz explained that another factor which helps differentiate MAPFRE Middlesea is its 24/7 call centre, which provides roadside assistance, home emergency assistance, travel assistance and claims notifications round the clock, among other features. “These services provide our clients with invaluable peace of mind, and their importance is attested by the constant positive feedback we receive from clients who use these services”, he said.

Concluding his address, Mr Munoz stated that “We want our clients to trust us; and to win this trust, we need to convince our clients that they can rely on us – and this message will be underlined throughout our campaign. Our brand promise will be substantiated by the introduction of new products and services, and by our determination to go that extra mile to ensure that we retain the loyalty of existing clients and win over new ones.”

Mr Fernando Docampo, Assistant General Manager, said that MAPFRE Middlesea will continue focusing on its clients and their needs, “because it is only by delivering what they need and expect that we will succeed in business. We will do this by further fine-tuning our business operations and ensuring the professional development and well-being of our staff. Our distribution network is an integral part of our family and we will continue to endeavour to give these the necessary tools to enable them to enhance their relationship with their clients. On the other hand, our proximity to the MAPFRE Group will continue to give us that added impetus to further grow our business, while our partnership with Bank of Valletta will be an essential instrument in extending our presence across the country.” Mr Docampo added that “The loyalty scheme we launched last year was extremely well received by our clients, and we intend to keep on developing this and giving our clients many more reasons to remain loyal.”

MAPFRE Middlesea will continue offering all types of insurance, both non-life and life, in the latter case mainly through MSV Life, which MAPFRE Middlesea own jointly with BOV. The company’s products range from personal insurance, such as motor, home, health and travel, to corporate insurance, which caters for the needs of all types of companies, be they small or medium enterprises, or the larger organisations.

MAPFRE Middlesea is also a multi-channel provider of insurance services. Clients can opt to buy their insurance products online, through tied insurance intermediaries, agents, or brokers, or by visiting the company’s head office or regional offices.

The change in corporate name was approved by the company’s shareholders in the company’s Annual General Meeting held on April 24.

MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. (C-5553) is authorised by the Malta Financial Service Authority to carry on both Long Term and General Business under the Insurance Business Act, 1998. COM 07052015 916 LEI 213800KY94NQYH4IZU83.