fundacion mapfre new website

New Fundacion MAPFRE website

Fundación MAPFRE has launched the website in order to increase social awareness of its ambitious social international projects. The Formando Comunidad (Shaping the Community) Project, has lead over 107 cooperation programs in 23 countries, with the aim of improving education, nutrition, health and labour market access amongst 105,000 children and young people who are experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

The new website is also designed to promote closer relationships between the entities, volunteers and beneficiaries of the programs, as well as providing updated information regarding each one of these projects, a photo gallery of the most relevant activities and direct access to the social profiles of each one of the programs.

In Malta, Fundación MAPFRE, through MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. is supporting the Headstart Project, by the Equal Partners Foundation which aims to help and improve the quality of life of children under seven years who have a disability or growth problem during their early years of life.

Some other projects include the “Comunidad MAPFRE-Universidad Panamericana”, a social center that was recently opened by Fundación MAPFRE in Mexico, which over the course of this year will help 5,000 individuals with low income from Santa Fe, an area with a high rate of social exclusion, where it will provide food, education, healthcare, legal support and psychological counseling.

The new website focuses particularly on childhood and education, two of Fundación MAPFRE’s core concerns. In this regard, it will provide educational content with the main purpose of contributing to the prevention of school failure and dropouts.

The material, which can be downloaded quickly and free of charge, is mainly aimed at teachers, students and families, and is prepared by Fundación MAPFRE and the Organization of Ibero-American States for Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization (OEI).

The new site will also act as a platform for broadcasting teaching activities, such as the 3rd edition of the International Short Story Contest “El Futuro en Nuestras Manos” (The future in our hands) , which promotes reading and creativity among the youth of Latin America; and others such as the First Call for Projects “Formando Comunidad” to encourage the social organizations of Latin America, United States, Philippines, Turkey, Malta and Portugal (countries where Fundación MAPFRE performs its activity) to submit charity projects. The rules will be published in September.

The three initiatives that receive the most votes from the general public will go on to a semi-final, in which a panel of experts will choose the winning project, which will then be carried out with the financial support of Fundación MAPFRE (up to 30,000 euros).