company announcement 7 september 2015

Company announcement issued on September 7, 2015


7 September 2015

The following is a Company Announcement issued by MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c., pursuant to the Listing Rules of the Malta Financial Services Authority.


The Board of Directors of MAPFRE Middlesea plc, has today resolved to nominate and appoint Mr Felipe Navarro López de Chicheri as Chief Executive Officer of MAPFRE Middlesea plc, with effect from the 1 October 2015, in lieu of Mr Alfredo Munoz Perez who has been assigned another position within the MAPFRE Group. The said appointment is subject to regulatory clearance and approval by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Mr Navarro López de Chicheri holds a degree in Economics from the Universidad Computense de Madrid and an MBA from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Spain. He has been employed, since 2002, with the MAPFRE Group in various senior management positions with MAPFRE Vida and MAPFRE S.A. and is currently a Member of the Board of some Spanish companies operating in the Life and Pension insurance sector. He is also a Board member of MSV Life plc and was also a Board member of MAPFRE Middlesea plc from the 20 April 2012 until the 29 April 2014.

There is no other matter concerning Mr Navarro López de Chicheri that requires disclosure in terms of the Listing Rules.

The Board of Directors would like to thank Mr Munoz for his sterling leadership and contribution to the MAPFRE Middlesea Group during his tenure as President & CEO, over the past years, and would like augur him all the best for his new appointment.


By Order of the Board

Carlo Farrugia

Company Secretary