commends clown doctors

MAPFRE Middlesea commends clown doctors for their noble gesture

MAPFRE Middlesea is proud to support Dr Klown Malta – a not-for-profit organization aimed at bringing some joy to children in hospital.

A group of volunteers use their time off work to go round children’s wards at Mater Dei Hospital, helping the patients forget the pain, at least for a little while. The organisation, based on the concept introduced by physician and comic relief worker Patch Adams, was founded in Malta in 2011. Since then, about 20 volunteers have undergone rigorous training to become clown doctors.

On Saturday 17 October, the organization held the Kids & Klowns Day at Mater Dei Hospital, for which President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca attended. The event, supported by MAPFRE Middlesea, included entertainment for children and practical workshops for parents. Psychotherapist Edward Curmi led a workshop about dealing well with hospitalised children, while another workshop, led by clinical psychologist Gabriella Cassar focused on the siblings of a child who is in hospital. Children had the opportunity to participate in improvisation, magic, figure balloons and puppetry sessions. Local artists Amber, Gaia, Michela and Michael “Voce Bianca”, as well as harpist Esmeralda Galea Camilleri performed for attendees.

“Such an initiative adds some laughter and colour to an otherwise heartbreaking context. These volunteers use their free time to help patients and that is such a noble gesture. MAPFRE Middlesea definitely supports that,” Assistant General Manager Fernando Decampo said.

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