5 largest european non life insurance 2014

MAPFRE among the five largest European non-life insurance companies in 2014

MAPFRE occupies fifth place in the 2014 ranking of the largest European insurance companies in the Non-Life segment, which is compiled annually by Fundación MAPFRE. The premium revenue of the top 10 European Non-Life insurance groups remained stable in 2014 compared with the previous year, with a slight increase of 1.5 percent to 205,537 million euros.

Local insurer MAPFRE Middlesea is a member of the MAPFRE Group.

Market conditions remain highly competitive, which, combined with low interest rates, exchange rate volatility and modest levels of economic growth, results in a moderate growth scenario for the sector.

This is the eleventh version of the ranking that Fundación MAPFRE prepares annually, in line with the gross premium volume (direct insurance plus accepted reinsurance) that each of the groups recorded in 2014 for Non-Life business from all countries that they operate in. Groups whose main line of business is reinsurance are not included.

The sum of operating results (before taxes and minority interests) in the Non-Life business for the eight main European insurance groups registered growth of 6.6 percent in 2014.

In addition to this ranking, Fundación MAPFRE has also published the ranking for total premiums of the main European insurance companies. In this classification, MAPFRE remains in tenth place, with premium volume of 22,401 million euros. In total, the grouping of the ten main insurance companies generated premiums of 449,279 million euros in 2014, an increase of 5.1 percent against the previous year.

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