road safety campaign launched

Road Safety Campaign Launched!

Middlesea Insurance and Fundacion MAPFRE work to instil road safety culture in children

Middlesea Insurance and Fundación MAPFRE have launched a school campaign to promote road safety to pupils aged 11 to 13 years. This joint Road Safety Education Campaign will reach more than 4,300 student in Form 1 and 2 from a number of schools across Malta and Gozo.

Road safety education will be delivered to students in a fun way through a series of three comical sketches, all thematically related to road safety by animation group, Generation Green. The three sketches will be centred on safety whilst driving cars and motorised bikes. The scripts get students to learn and understand the importance of crucial road signs, and wearing of proper safety clothing, amongst other things. The sketches include a lot of audience participation, who will be asked to point out road safety mistakes. Students will also be given a reading book related to roadside education.

At this age, young people already participate in road life as passengers, pedestrians and at times cyclists. This campaign will tackle issues that are the most pertinent to the younger target age group.

This is not the first time Middlesea Insurance and Fundación MAPFRE have collaborated on a Road Safety Campaign, having already launched a nation-wide campaign in 2013.

“Road Safety is an important concern for Middlesea Insurance. We want people to be safe while on the road. Statistics show that in 2013, 1,582 people were injured in traffic accidents, with fatalities amounting to 18. Educating young people on the rules of road safety has to be something continuous as this is the only way to avoid fatalities,” said Mr Alfredo Munoz, President and CEO of Middlesea Insurance p.l.c. “We believe that educating the younger generation (and tomorrow’s drivers) and making them aware of their responsibilities to others whilst on the road will also enable us to spread the message to the entire family. Ultimately, we believe that the success of this initiative boils down to the fact that youths are taught in an interactive and fun learning environment,” he added.

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MSI sponsors Middlesea J70 Med Cup

MSI sponsors Middlesea J70 Med Cup

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