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Healthy Living Workshops for parents

As part of the ongoing healthy living campaign “Caqlaq”, Fundación MAPFRE along with Middlesea Insurance is organising Healthy Living Workshops for parents.

These workshops are provided for free with the aim of helping parents bring up their children in a healthy environment. During the seminars, parents receive valuable tips on a number of topics such as how to lead an active lifestyle and good eating habits. During the seminar, parents also enjoyed sharing their experiences with other parents.

The Institute of Prevention, Health and Environment within Fundación MAPFRE embarked on a nationwide campaign last year sponsoring “Caqlaq” a Healthy Living Campaign in a number of local Primary Schools for children aged from 7 to 9 years. This campaign is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Employment and the Ministry of Health.

“When we started the Caqlaq campaign in local primary schools last year, we received excellent feedback from school administrations, students, parents as well as government bodies. This year we are building on last year’s momentum, continuing with educational, fun sessions with children at schools and adding some new elements such as the parent workshops which strengthen the reach of this campaign,” said Mr Alfredo Munoz, President and CEO of Middlesea Insurance.

A parent who attended a session said “I enjoyed the session very much. It is an interesting guide for modern day healthy living and made me more aware of the need to incorporate more exercise in my daily routine, eat healthier food and quit smoking. It’s also good to share experiences with other parents who face similar dilemmas every day. In fact, I wished that the session was a little bit longer! I encourage other parents to attend such sessions for their own benefit as well as that of their children.”

As part of the campaign a total of 4,000 books are being distributed to students and schools to reinforce the message.

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