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Added benefits to Middlesea Health insurance

Added benefits to Middlesea Health insurance

Middlesea Insurance has enhanced its health insurance product to provide additional benefits which go beyond those usually provided by an insurer. Middlesea has launched two new features: Mediphone and We Care, whilst improving the already existing service of Second Medical Opinion.

Mediphone is a 24-hour telephone medical advice service which allows clients to contact a doctor who can offer guidance in the event of any health-related circumstance. This comprises an extensive selection of services such as sending a doctor, nurse and medication to the Insured’s home and putting them in contact with specialists.

Middlesea Insurance has also made arrangements with We Care Company Ltd, whereby persons insured by certain Middlesea Health Insurance Schemes will be eligible for special discounts on the various services provided by We Care. Some of these services include care workers, specialised tutors, counsellors, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, speech language pathologists and social workers.

Middlesea’s Health Insurance policies already include an exclusive Second Medical Opinion Service program, which is now being provided by Middlesea Assist which forms part of an International Assistance Network. If one diagnosed with a serious illness and would like to get further confirmation, this benefit gives the patient access to a network of acknowledged international medical experts.

“We are very happy to launch these new features as we believe that now, more than ever, we are going that extra mile for our customers. The launch of these new products proves our commitment to offering more than just conventional insurance,” said Mr Simon Anastasi, Chief Officer of Underwriting at Middlesea Insurance.

These three new benefits are available to all new and existing health insurance clients depending on the level of cover selected. Both Mediphone and Second medical opinion service is provided at no charge on policyholders having a Middlesea Hospital or Middlesea International policy. Policyholders on a lower level of cover may however purchase these additional benefits at a nominal premium. We Care benefits shall be available at no charge to all Middlesea Health clients.

Middlesea Insurance p.l.c. (C-5553) is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on both Long Term and General Business under the Insurance Business Act, 1998. COM NO 240114 812

MSI sponsors Middlesea J70 Med Cup

MSI sponsors Middlesea J70 Med Cup

Middlesea Insurance is the official sponsor of the Middlesea J70 Med Cup, an international sailing event which will be taking place for the first time between June 4 and June 7, 2015 off Sliema’s shore.

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