MSV Life awarded the MCCAA Trust Mark

MSV Life p.l.c. has been recently awarded the MCCAA Trust Mark.

The Trust Mark Scheme is an initiative set up to encourage and facilitate the establishing of sound and trust-based business relationships between customers and sellers. The primary objective of the scheme is to promote and standardise good commercial practices.

Businesses opting to subscribe to the Trust Mark Scheme commit themselves to the Scheme’s Code of Conduct. The code represents and encompasses the entire service/ product acquisition cycle.

Commenting on the company’s achievement of the Trust Mark, Norman Mifsud –Chief Officer HR and Corporate Services stated that “The Trust Mark is an endorsement of MSV’s ongoing commitment to provide a comprehensive range of high quality insurance services and to deliver a positive experience throughout the customer’s relationship with us” Mr. Mifsud explained that MSV Life was the first insurance company to launch a “Treating Customers Fairly” charter in Malta. The charter which has been in place since 2007, outlines the company’s key commitments to its customers as well as the standards of service that MSV customers can expect to receive.

The Trust Mark Scheme is administered by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority.