Masmon support

MSV LIFE supports The Maltese Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

MSV Life has recently supported the Maltese Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (MASMOM) with the organisation of a voluntary pilgrimage to Lourdes for ill people and their families.

MASMOM’s mission is divided into Religious and Hospitalier activities. These activities comprise both national and international pilgrimages, retreats and meetings. The Lourdes pilgrimage is the highlight of the annual religious activities and much preparation goes into the selection of the ill and planning and executing their transport to and from Lourdes. MASMOM’s endeavours focus primarily on alleviating the burden of illness and disability predominantly among the young.

During a presentation held at MSV Life’s offices in Floriana, Mr. David G. Curmi, CEO of MSV Life praised MASMOM for their excellent work and augured that future events such as these continue to be organised to give these people the solace they need. Mr Curmi’s comments were followed by those of Marchesino Daniel de Petri Testaferrata who thanked MSV Life for its generous donation. He added that MASMOM is committed to its mission and will continue in its efforts to alleviate the burden of illness and disability among the sick.

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